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An AI-Powered Museum Guide

    Step #1

    Visit any Museum

    Artevo works in every museum. No need to pick up an audio guide or hire a guide anymore.

    Step #2

    Take a Photo

    Snap a photo of any artwork. Artevo will act as your guide and give you a personalized interpretation of it.

    Step #3

    Ask Follow-up Questions

    Ever wondered what a certain symbol meant in an artwork? You can now simply ask Artevo and it will explain it to you.

    MONA LISA - Leonardo da Vinci

    "Can you explain why her smile is so famous?"

    Artevo: "The Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile is renowned for its subtle expression, achieved through Leonardo da Vinci's masterful use of sfumato, a technique that blends colors and tones to create soft, gradual transitions, much like smoke."


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